Best Affiliate Programs 2016

Best Affiliate Programs 2016

1. Google AdSense


Google AdSense, also known simply as AdSense, is a high paying affiliate program network owned and run by the search engine giant Google. It provides advertisement units to publishers, who have to sign up for the program network which enables them to use their publisher account to earn money through the ads posted by Google on their website / blog. Each publisher gets a unique ID upon signing up, which is used to generate ad codes for their website so they can start earning cash. You can see why adsense is on of the top affiliate networks for website and blog owners alike just by looking at our pros and cons list.


  • Low traffic requirements: If your website contains unique content of good quality, you will have no trouble getting approved, since it requires very little traffic – 100 or more unique visitors each day, regardless of whether your blog/site has a sub level domain or a top level domain.
  • Multiple monetization options: As a publisher, you will not be restricted to earning cash through posting ads directly on your website – you can monetize through search, feed, videos, mobile site, and online games etc.
  • Multiple language support: Google AdSense is the sole publisher network to allow posting ads in languages other than English. In fact, over thirty different languages are supported!
  • No waiting time for ads to show up: Because of the very long list of advertisers present in Google AdWords, ads will start showing up in your Ads space the moment you supply the ad code on your blog.
  • Multiple ad formats: Text ads, display ads, link ads, rich media ads and video ads are all the various formats in which you can post ads on your website to earn money.
  • Highest revenue share for publishers: As compared to other publisher networks, you’ll earn a greater cut of the revenue if you employ Google AdSense. For content, the revenue share is 68 percent, whereas for search, the revenue share is 51 percent!
  • Country specific payment methods: Depending on the country you reside in, Google AdSense will let you receive your payments using options which are readily available in your country.


  • Strict uniqueness restriction: If even a single article on your website gets flagged as plagiarized, you won’t be able to get your AdSense application approved. This also includes the content which was originally yours, and was copied by another party.
  • Payment threshold: You won’t be able to withdraw earnings under $100, which can be a bother for smaller businesses.
  • Payment forms: You are only allowed wire transfer (for now)


For more information on one of the best affiliate programs, check out on how to get started wih Goole AdSense.



Audiobooks are getting more and more popular everyday. People on the go are starting to replace (not entirely) books with their audiobooks specially when driving in traffic, running, or simply relaxing and listening to a good book. has a great affiliate program in that you don't have to necessarily sell anything. Rather just convince your visitors or leads to sign up for a free trial by giving them a free audiobook in the process. Once you get a confirmed sign-up you get a commission and paid on a monthly basis for your leads.


  • Easy to promote


  • Creating affiliate links is a bit difficult and requires some time for learning. After that, it is all good.

3. Amazon Associates

amazon associates

In some regards, Amazon has the most vast affiliate program of them all, containing products from over 1.6 million vendors (i.e. anyone selling products on their site), as well as thousands and thousands of affiliates. Amazon’s affiliate program mechanism is the most user friendly and easy to grasp, which makes it ideal for non-tech business minded people looking to earn money on the internet. It also provides advanced features such as APIs for sophisticated developers. Many think of Amazon as just a small ticket network but a little searching and you will realize that this can be one of the best high ticket affiliate programs out there. Many internet marketers would tell you that this is the best affiliate program they have ever worked with. And who can blame them when you can earn a living solely on being an amazon associate.


  • Easy to use: The interface is intuitive and uncluttered, ideal for beginners and pros alike.
  • Greatest flexibility: The millions of products sold on Amazon mean that you can choose from a very large number of ads / affiliate links to put on your website.


  • Smaller commissions: The starting point for commissions is a measly 4 percent, which means you’ll have to gather quite a large number of sales before the affiliation becomes sustainable.
  • Extended pay cycle: The net-60 model of payments employed by Amazon means you won’t get money for a sale until two months after it has occurred.

For more information check out Amazons Associates Guidelines.

Affiliate Program vs Affiliate Network (the difference)

OK. Let's not start a controversy here by providing definitions that some may or may not agree upon. In my view though, affiliate program differs to that of affiliate networks in the following way:

Affiliate Program: Is a specific program like that of,, or Google AdSense for that matter. Affiliate programs can be a part of an affiliate netowork, but not the other way around.

Affiliate Network: Essentially it is an affiliate program aggregator or a company that provides tools, marketing materials, stats, etc.. Example of affiliate networks are ClickBank, Share-A-Sale, just to name a few.

With that said, here are some affiliate programs which offer opprotunities for affiliate bloggers, marketers and web publishers to develop an audience and make some profit.

The most popular method of promoting affiliate offers, for publishers, is to join an affiliate network and implement the available offers (affiliate programs) on their website.  If you don’t feel like looking for programs in a network and wish to jump directly on to interesting affiliate programs, just click on the one you’re interested in below.


Have some suggestions? Please let us know and come back often as this page will be regularly updated for more of the best affiliate programs in 2016.

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