Pinterest Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate Links Are Now Allowed Again

Affiliate links are now allowed (again) on Pinterest!

pinterest affiliate marketing

After almost a couple of years on affiliate marketing hiatus, Pinterest has announced recently that affiliate links are now allowed to be used again in their social network. This is such a good news for affiliate marketers as Pinterest is one of the best platforms that you can use to promote your affiliate links.

Beware Of Spam Affiliate Links On Pinterest

One of the reasons that Pinterest has in the past prohibited affiliate links was that many were abusing the platform  and putting up links in a very spammy manner. Redirects, bad links, etc. are just but a few examples of these. Really, why should you do this?

Anyway and as Pinterest points out…

In the past, we removed affiliate links from Pinterest because spammers were abusing them. Now that our spam detection system is so much stronger, we’re ready to allow affiliate links again. To make way for these changes, we’re making minor updates to our acceptable use policy. We’ll start rolling out all affiliate networks today and over the coming weeks.

If you use affiliate links on your site, you don’t have to do anything differently—just keep on Pinning as usual.

Go ahead and take advantage of this great news, nonetheless, please do make sure that you do not abuse of the system. It would be a pity if Pinterest banned the use of affiliate links again.

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