Is Payoneer A Good Alternative To Paypal?

Payoneer-Payment-CardAlternatives to Paypal are probably one of the most searched topic, specially for affiliate marketers. We all know that a big and most important part of affiliate marketing is to get paid. After all what's the point of doing all the work and no money, right?

Common Problems To Getting Paid

Among other things, there are two main reason why you as an affiliate marketer could get frustrated when working with an affiliate program or network.

First is the so called payment threshold

Payment threshold refers to the minimum accumulated commission an affiliate must earn to initiate a payment.

Second is the form of Payment

Simply put, form of payment is the way you as an affiliate marketer will receive your money once it passes the threshold mentioned above. Most popular forms of payment is via wire (to a checking account), cheque (sent to you for later deposit), and others, like PayPal, Skrill, Moneybookers, Payoneer, etc.

The top affiliate networks normally don't have too many options, and if you are looking to receive payments from companies in US and Europe, you either get stuck or you simply loose the opportunity of working with top affiliate programs and or networks out there. While this is probably not an issue to you if you live in countries that allows for several forms of payments, it could always be a good idea to have more options of receiving your hard earned money. For those that live in countries where PayPal and or receiving foreign currency is difficult, costly or simply impossible to get, Payoneer could be just the alternative you need. With Payoneer, you can now receive local bank transfers worldwide.

What Is Payoneer?


That´s it! In case you need to get Payoneer, apply for your free prepaid card now and start running those affiliate programs that you were not able to before because of restraints of getting paid.

Does Payoneer Work?

The founder of this blog, Francisco (a.k.a. ditesco) has the Payoneer card for nearly over a couple of years and up until now, he is very happy with it. Obviously, while the card is free, there are cost associated with the card, like transaction fees. It is therefore always good to read those fine lines before making a move forward. In our opinion the fees are reasonable considering that you may not have other alternatives that will charge you less. Perhaps other will cost you a lot more.

Good Alternative To PayPal?

If you are unable to get a bank account, PayPal or any other form of acceptable payment from an affiliate program or network in the US, then we think that Payoneer could be a great alternative for you. Best of luck and to your success.

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