Most Expensive Keywords On Google Adwords In The USA

Being an affiliate marketer is not an easy chore. Running an affiliate program like that of AdSense for example requires that your site has massive amounts of traffic, or popular enough to attract advertisers that can pay a decent amount of money per click.

The other option is to have a site that has a good amount of traffic but targeting keywords that advertisers pay a high fee every time somebody clicks on a link in one of their ads. Believe it or not but some of the costs per click that are being paid are simply staggering. Obviously, in the advertisers point of view, though they must be worth it.

So, if you want to run an affiliate program like AdSense, it is good to know what keywords are advertisers willing to pay big bucks, so that if you are lucky, some ads could land on your site and hopefully be then clicked by someone who got interested in an advertisers ad.

So, with the courtesy of EmpiricalProof and SemRush, here are the top 100 terms, based on a massive dataset of 80m keywords.

Top 100 Keywords On Google Adwords US


Sector by sector

Also, and courtesy of, here is a sector-specific breakdown of the top five most expensive terms in the US.

top B2B keywords

top finance keywords

top health keywords

top legal keywords

top tech keywords

top water damage keywords


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